Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: End of the First Quarter - Bears 14, Colts 6[J. Mark English]

7:15 pm - End of the first quarter...not sure if I'd call it the end of a thrilling first quarter. Maybe a few 'thrilling' plays, but sort of sub par play so far. Maybe the second quarter will be a little crisper.

7:14 pm
- What was David Spade looking at? He had sort of a starry eyed look on his face...

7:11 pm
- "This game has been rippin' it up." - Jim Nantz. Is that the best he can come up with?

7:07 pm
- With the rain, sloppy play, penalties, and fumbles...this game feels more like a glorified regular season game then a Super Bowl.

7:05 pm
- Good point Nantz made...the Bears could have been on their way to putting some serious distance between them and the Colts. With that fumble, the Colts still are very much alive.

7:04 pm
- Another fumble...I'm telling ya, its the new balls, not the rain...

7:03 pm
- Phil Simms: "They run with hustle, and they run with emotion." Sigh, shoot me now.

7:00 pm
- Uh, so David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey are dating? That was awkward...

6:54 pm
- That was a heck of a throw by Grossman. All you naysayers, beginning to reconsider your opinion of him? Bears look confident so far, and are now up by eight. Bears 14, Colts 6.

6:50 pm
- Colts recover on a fumble during the kickoff. Colts special teams win this round. Once again, I wonder if that had less to do with the rain, and rather to do with the slickness of a new ball....and as I write this the Colts fumble. I guarantee this becomes an issue after the can't be the rain, because players should be used to the idea of elements affecting the game. Chicago played in the snow in the NFC Championship game. But the ball must be real slippery. And now Thomas Jones just broke one for 50 yards. Exposing the soft belly of Indy's defense.

6:47 pm
- Peyton just took advantage of the glaring flaw in the Tampa Two. Since its not a man-to-man can find a seem and hit a reciever wide open. Great play for Wayne...but then they foul up the XP because of the slippery ball. First time in ages that weather has had any affect on the Super Bowl. Could also be the NFL's policy to put in a new ball every chance possible. So at least the Colts have stepped up...Bears 7, Colts 6.

6:39 pm
- That was gutsy to let Grossman go deep early. What that will do to his confidence. But the Colts defense created the first positive of the game for them, and now maybe Peyton can settle in.

6:34 pm
- D-FENCE, D-FENCE, D-FENCE... Manning not looking like himself...looking more like Eli Manning. He looks shaky, and his throws are nowhere near crisp.

6:28 pm
- Okay wow. Devin Hester. I called it in my prediction...he'd be licking his chops. I played Madden 07 earlier today and played the Bears against the Colts. Hester did the same thing in the video game. But of course, I went on to lose 28-21. Be that as it may, score is now Bears 7, Colts 0.

6:26 pm
- Just how many commercials will Peyton Manning be in tonight? So far I count three...

6:23 pm
- Its gotta be bitter sweet for Dan Marino to stand out there... Anyway, so far the theme of the night: "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head."

6:19 pm
- Even with the piano helping him, he still couldn't sing in tune. And he tired to jazz up the National Anthem. Yikes. But he looked pretty dapper in that purple tie. I wonder if he borrowed that from the Vice President.

6:15 pm
- comes Billy Joel. I hope he can remain in tune this time. And did I just see Warren Sapp and Janet Reno on a couch together in a commercial?

6:13 pm
- Is it just my TV or is CBS having technical difficulties? I wonder what Urlacher said to Wilcot.

6:10 pm
- So I guess everyone has to copy the Patriots from a few years ago...everyone must be introduced as a team...

5:57 pm
- We get to see nonsense commercials advertising the crappy comedy's CBS has to offer.

5:55 pm - The only people enjoying this pre-game entertainment are people are using serious drugs. Who's responsible for this utter disaster? Its like riding a psychotic horse towards a burning stable.

5:48 pm - Oh yea...understanding the history of Miami through "interpretive" dance. Did I just hear a baby in the background? This is bizarre. Anyway, welcome folks to the start of live blogging.

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