Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: Quote of the Week [J. Mark English]

Rex Grossman was put on edge by the media, and was obviously bothered. Peyton Manning on the other hand was completely relaxed, and was having fun on media day. He provided the quote of the week. Jeff Jacobs sets you up with the quote:

Robbie Gould, America's hero-in-waiting, laughed when he saw Peyton Manning on television the other day. The Colts quarterback and America's pitchman was asked about the most nervous he'd ever been.

Manning recalled a class in middle school called musical theater.

"A week in they told me I had to be in the school play," Peyton said. "They gave me the role of Miguel in `The Boyfriend.' One of the scenes I had to do a tango with Lola. Black pants, red ruffled tuxedo, yellow cumber bun, full-on tango.

"I had to do it in front of the whole school on Friday, it wasn't that much pressure. But I had to do it again Saturday night in front of the families, which meant my brothers Eli and Cooper would be here. Now that is pressure."

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