Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Your Late Night Fix 2.20.07 [J. Mark English]

  • Dallas Cowboys name former quarterback, Jason Garrett, offensive coordinator.
  • Major League Baseball decides to switch from wool hats to polyester hats. Are we going back to the 1970s?
  • Barry Bonds returns to camp...and is actually jovial with the press. Go figure.
  • Chicago Cubs ink Carlos Zambrano to a one year deal worth $12.4 million. With the deal he avoids arbitration. Next year though he'll be a highly sought after free agent.
  • Former World Boxing Organization heavyweight champion, Tommy Morrison, will be allowed to fight again despite testing HIV-positive.
  • Kelly Dwyer of SI writes: The Lakers are going after Jason Kidd...Kidd had a horrible start to the season defensively, but he's come on like gangbusters as of late -- to these eyes, he's gone from one of the worst (or, at least, most passive) defensive guards in the game to one of the best in just a few months. Really, Kidd's offense is only part of what the Lakers are after...
  • College basketball is having its fair share of delinquents:
    • University of Illinois basketball player Jamar Smith -- charged Tuesday with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident -- apparently believed the teammate in the passenger seat of his car had died, authorities said.
    • Suspended Gonzaga center Josh Heytvelt is being charged with felony possession of a controlled substance following his arrest in Cheney, where police alleged they found hallucinogenic mushrooms in a gym bag in his car, prosecutors said Tuesday.
  • Bobby Knight makes a strong statement: Texas Tech coach Bob Knight doesn't like the new rule that says players must be at least one year removed from high school before entering the NBA.
  • This might make you scratch your head: The Colorado lawyer who pleaded guilty to leaking secret grand jury transcripts in a federal steroids probe has resigned as commissioner of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Uh, okay?

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