Monday, March 12, 2007

Isiah Thomas Gets Extension [David Stefanini]

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Isiah Thomas got a multiyear contract extension Monday, nine months after he was warned the Knicks needed to show "evident progress" or he'd be out of a job.

With the Knicks in the hunt for a playoff spot, Madison Square Garden chairman James Dolan went back on his vow to wait until after the season to make his decision, saying that Thomas would return as coach and team president.

Thomas added the coaching duties to his other role in June after Dolan fired Larry Brown following one season. But along with the job came the ultimatum, though Dolan never publicly said what the Knicks needed to do this season to show that progress.

But with New York (29-34) already six wins better than last season and currently eighth in the Eastern Conference, Dolan said the improvement under Thomas "needs to be recognized now and not wait."

I do not feel this is right. This team has a lot of talent on it but lacks disciplined. As a GM he has put the Knicks in severe salary cap troubles and the Knicks haven't had a good draft choice in years (and probably years to come). They should of went out and got a good coach who can do the job. Sure the team has shown improvement, could they have gotten worse?

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