Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just a Part of the Game [Chrissy]

Brendan Shanahan made his return last night from a concussion previously sustained vs. the Flyers (I can't remember when it was, but it was awhile ago) where Mike Knuble and him collided in a clean check. Knuble suffered a broken orbital and cheekbone and required surgery to fix it, and didn't look too pretty for awhile. Although, Knuble returned 4 games prior to Shanahan.

Last night there were some more altercations. When I saw Todd Fedoruk receive that punch from Colton Orr I was shocked and scared. Fedoruk, aka Fridge, fights often like Cam Janssen, and I guess Colton Orr. To see Fedoruk freeze like he did and fall onto his back with his arms straight at his sides and wrists bent up made me feel sick to my stomach. I honestly thought that he had some sort of brain injury, and not just a concussion. It looked really bad and to hear today that he was fine, both from him and from the Rangers' neurologist made me very relieved. Not even a concussion.

Fighting is a part of hockey, not as big as it was in the "old NHL" but nonetheless I have never seen one punch do that to someone. Normally it is a stick hitting someone with violent pretenses ala Marty McSorley, Todd Bertuzzi or Chris Simon. Both players involved last night are experienced fighters and spoke to the media as such, with Fedoruk quoted as saying that he just "had his bell rung." Frankly, I do enjoy watching the fights and getting all riled up. But last night made me think twice.

"It was just a fair was a good fight. He is going to hit you, so you want to hit him. The same thing could've happened to me. It is part of the game." - Colton Orr

“What happened last night was just bad luck....We are all going to be behind him and his family... It’s not very fun to see, but it’s part of the game.” - Simon Gagne

“There’s a lot of testosterone running around in a hockey team. If you put 40 guys together on the same sheet of ice, sparks are bound to happen. I think it’s a tough thing to get away from. You’re emotionally going to get into some battles, and you’re going to get in some scrums. That’s part of hockey. They are never going to take that away.” - Dennis Gauthier

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