Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tony LaRussa Arrested... [J. Mark English]

Poor guy. He fell asleep at the wheel...when the light was red. His foot was on the break, and police found him. His alcohol level was .093...just above the legal level of .008.

Heres more from Sports Illustrated:

Undercover officers first saw La Russa's SUV partially in an intersection around midnight and not moving despite several green lights, police said. Officers knocked on the vehicle's window and LaRussa did not initially respond.

The SUV was in drive and running, with La Russa's foot on the brake, police said. When he eventually woke up, the officers asked him to get out of the SUV.

He was arrested around midnight and booked in the Palm Beach County jail on the misdemeanor about four hours later, according to police and jail records.

La Russa was cooperative, police said.

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