Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lindsey Hunter Suspended for Positive Drug Test [David Stefanini]

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Detroit Pistons guard Lindsey Hunter was suspended 10 games without pay by the NBA on Wednesday after testing positive for phentermine, a banned substance primarily used for weight loss.

"I'm as shocked as anyone," Hunter said after arriving at the Palace on Wednesday. "It was a diet pill -- we've all taken stuff and nothing ever happens."

Hunter said the pill was prescribed for his wife Ivy.

"We do that at our house -- if I've got a head cold, I might grab one of her pills," he said. "It was just a bonehead mistake on my part."


Usually I do not side with players whenever they test positive for something illegal, however in this case I have to side with Hunter. He accepts his suspension and puts the blame totally on himself. This is how all athletes should deal with a suspension of this kind. Take the blame immediately and the public is more likely to forgive and forget.

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