Friday, March 02, 2007

Mike Nifong: Lie of the Day? [J. Mark English]

The now infamous North Carolina DA, Mike Nifong, who went after the Duke lacrosse players, made some interesting statements...

"I can only report that I have no recollection of that meeting and that I have no documentation or other evidence that I ever attended such a meeting," Nifong said in the Jan. 16 letter.

"For me, this case was an eyewitness identification case, one in which I was looking for DNA evidence that either corroborated that identification or refuted it," Nifong said.

The lacrosse case arose "during the last few weeks of a hotly-contested Democratic Party primary in which I was seeking to retain my office," he said. "I was not always able to give the case my full attention."

The volume of material to be copied for each defendant meant that a number of lawyers and support workers were involved in the numbering and copying of pages, he said. "These people were neither concentrating on the actual contents of the documents being copied nor familiar enough with the facts of the case to have known whether anything was missing."

He said he had never before encountered such determined pretrial resistance. "A well-connected and well-financed (but not, I would suggest, well-intentioned) group of individuals -- most of whom are neither in nor from North Carolina, have taken it upon themselves to ensure that this case never reaches trial." -

No offense Mr. Nifong, but if you weren't going to be able to give the case its full attention...then don't go about ruining the lives of families at the expense of your focusing on your own political future. Hand off the case to someone else who can give it due diligence.

But you'd have to be obtuse to believe that this case was not use as a publicity stunt to help him get elected in the first place!

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