Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Philadelphians Rejoice! [Chrissy]

Cheesesteak, soft pretzel and Yuengling enthusiasts - today you have been blessed to have a contributer with a Philly perspective! I noticed that the column on the right says "Our Teams" which consist of pretty much of all the teams I wish to beat so I think I am outnumbered here but I must start my initial blog posting by saying that I typically do not enjoy trash talking....but desperate times will call for desperate measures :)

I am a Flyers and hockey fan first and foremost, followed by the Eagles, Villanova Wildcats and then the Phillies and Sixers. I wouldn't consider myself a typical Philly fan. I don't boo Santa or throw batteries at players. I do however, despise most New York and New Jersey teams, and St Joe's. I have seen every Rocky and run up the Art Museum steps whenever I get the chance to. I loved Invincible even though there were inconsistencies. I love water ice and that's what I call it. I know that Philadelphia has not had a championship for the majority of my life and nobody needs to remind me of that. I know it is true, you know it is true and I am sure you can come up some better trash talking than that.

But I'm sure this blog won't have any of that animosity - right?

We shall see.......

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