Sunday, April 22, 2007

Anthony, Iverson to Much for Spurs [David Stefanini]

The Denver Nuggets are in the playoffs to make some major noise.

This is a team with two of the best players in the league who were simply to much for the Spurs to contend with tonight. Throughout the game Iverson or 'Melo would hit a big shot to keep the Nuggets in the lead. Iverson and 'Melo were working well together and that is a scary thing for the rest of the NBA. Neither of these two superstars were being selfish and both were looking to help each other out.

We all know they have no problem putting the ball in the hoop, but they proved tonight they are working as one on the defensive end as well.

I picked the Nuggets to win this series, and they are looking like a good pick. It is only one game, but this is the playoffs and every game matters.

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