Friday, April 27, 2007

The Lakers Have Arrived [David Stefanini]

With chants of M V P being screamed by everyone in the Staples Center throughout the game, Kobe Bryant carried the Lakers to a huge win over the Suns. The Lakers played the perfect game. After the first quarter the crowd and the body language of the Lakers said this series was over and the Suns are going for the sweep. And then something happened. Whatever it is, the Lakers thought they had a chance. Kobe was hitting shots, and the rest of the Lakers found confidence in their leader. Suddenly it was a game again with the Lakers having all the momentum, heading into the second half.

Phil Jackson showed why he is one of the greatest coaches in NBA history. Jackson put Smush Parker and Shammond Williams in at the same time. This turned the game around. The Lakers were all of a sudden playing amazing defense on Steve Nash and the rest of the Suns. That above all else lead them to this win.

This was a great game to watch. Both teams played good basketball, but the Lakers played desperate basketball. Kobe said, before this game started, "a playoff series can change overnight" maybe this game will be the change they need. They found a way to play with the Suns. They grabbed a lead late in the 3rd, and going into the 4th it was Kobe time. Kobe had 15 points in the final quarter, but more importantly he got his teammates involved. In last years playoff series and this year Kobe got criticized for taking to few shots or to many shots. Today he found a perfect balance. He got his usual 45 points and also grabbed 6 rebounds and 6 assists.
The Lakers need to play 3 more perfect games like this to have a chance, but at least for one night myself and the rest of Laker fans across the country can celebrate a very hard earned victory.

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