Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fessing up about the Devils [Chrissy]

Looks like Mark's posting about the Devils winning their series sparked some comments on a topic a lot of people aren't in agreement about.

When Mark and our mutual friend Chris (I mentioned him in a previous posting) were in Philly for the Eagles/Giants game, the three of us met up at a bar prior to the game. Mark goes to me, "I just don't know how anyone could ever date a Devils fan." I smiled because Mark didn't know. It reminded me of the time that my boyfriend and I, hand in hand, walked toward the Wachovia Center, him in his Devils jersey, me in my Flyers jersey. A scalper saw us, stopped asking people if they wanted tickets, and said to us, "How do y'all get it on?"


In high school I absolutely despised the Devils with a passion. Back during my senior year of high school Scott Stevens almost ended Eric Lindros' career and definitely ended the Stanley Cup hopes for the Flyers as they came back from a 3-1 deficit to win the series. I hated them before this, but this supported my feelings even more.

Going off to college exposed me to a lot of New York and New Jersey fans which didn't help. People tell me now how there aren't that many Devils fans out there (and judging by the games I've been to at the Meadowlands, I agree) but there sure seemed to be a lot of them at my campus.

After college, I continued my hatred just as any other Philly fan would. But, I started hanging out with a college friend who also lived in Philly. We didn't know each other too well back then, but since we were both in the city together, we started to hang out which eventually led to dating. We knew we had our differences (meaning we liked rival hockey teams) but we had one important thing in common, we both hated the Rangers.

When we started dating, I continued my hatred...which escalated whenever the Devils would beat the Flyers. Whenever I started to tolerate them, they would beat us and would make me hate them even more. I started to know more about the Devils, though, since I was stuck watching them on nights when the Flyers weren't playing.

*End Flashback*

So I guess it isn't quite Romeo and Juliet or anything like that. But yes, Flyers and Devils fans can get along. Just as long as the Rangers are still the Rangers. And with the Flyers not doing so well this year, I get some sympathy.

And a few comments on the hockey fan base to stir up the debate:
  • NHL attendance has been increasing since the late 90's
  • Even though teams don't sell out does not mean that they aren't making money
  • After the lockout fan attendance was the highest ever
  • Even though national tv ratings are bad due to a lack of casual fan interest, local tv ratings are excellent and surpass the NBA showing that local die hard fans watch their teams, they just don't care about all of the other NHL teams

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