Friday, April 27, 2007

What in the World... [David Stefanini]

What is happening in Golden State right now? The Dallas Mavericks look like a helpless 8 seed against a much more talented Warriors team. Everything is going right for the Golden State Warriors. Watching this game J. Mark English and myself, were saying how the Warriors have no fear of the Mavs, and are controlling the tempo of the game. An 8th seeded team should not dictate the tempo to a 1 seed in a playoff game. But that is exactly what is happening.

Also, Baron Davis his having the game and series of his life. Nobody on the Mavs can stop him. He looks like the best player on the court and to be honest, he very well may be. If he stays healthy the Warriors can be good; very good for a long time.

One final thought on the first half:

Where in the world is Dirk Nowitzki? Every time he gets the ball he looks lost, and his odds of winning the MVP fall lower and lower. I know playoff performance doesn't count for the MVP voting, but we all know the voters are watching these games.

Dirk if you are the MVP, you better start playing like it because this Warriors team is talented enough to send you home packing early.

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