Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's One and Done for Kobe and Lakers [David Stefanini]

Here is a report from about the fallout from last nights Laker's game:

"Do something," Bryant told reporters in Phoenix, "and do it now."

Something significant on the trade front, in other words, with the Lakers lacking the salary-cap flexibility to chase a marquee free agent like Chauncey Billups.

"Especially for me, it's beyond frustration, three years and still being at ground zero," Bryant continued. "So this summer's a big summer."

It'll be a biggie whether you're sympathetic to Bryant's plight or not, because few teams in the league are likely to be as active this offseason as the Lakers.

After they exited the playoffs in five games this time, only occasionally troubling a Phoenix team it took to seven games in the 2006 playoffs, NBA front-office sources say L.A. is expected to make every one of its players available -- except Bryant -- in an attempt to craft a mix that can return the franchise to the Western Conference elite for the first time since Shaquille O'Neal's departure in 2004."

GO GET THEM KOBE! Kobe did what he had to do. The only chance the Lakers had at winning that game was for Kobe Bryant to come out firing and score about 95 points. He didn't score 95 points, but he did come out firing.

It is time for the Lakers to surround him with players like Billups and/or Garnett. The Lakers should try to sign Billups and in case that doesn't wpork they should ask the T'Wolves what they want for Garnett and give it to them. Kobe needs some help for this team to get back to their winning ways. Say what you want, but I am one of the biggest Kobe fans out there. He has everything you need in a player and a leader to take his team to the Finals. He only needs a little bit of help, it's about time they give it to him.

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