Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rambling with Marko [J. Mark English]

New York Yankees - If someone were to say at the beginning of the baseball season that the Yankees would have a two game winning streak going into May 22nd, be 9 1/2 back of the Red Sox, come off of a 2-1 series defeat against the Mets, and that the Yankee nation would be feeling hopeful...I'd have thought that were person was crazy. But this is reality, and reality is stranger then fiction. Listening to the morning airwaves today you'd think that the Yanks are ten games above .500 after their last two wins. Overreact much New York?

Jason Giambi
- Instead of crucifying this gentlemen for placidly admitting what we all already know about the rampant steroid use in baseball over the years, we should applaud him for simply telling the truth. Baseball is busy trying to figure out a way to punish yet another whistle blower. There is no way that all of the baseball community was not aware of the massage drug enhancement use since the 1994 strike. I'm sure baseball chose to look the other way. To come out now and condemn someone like Giambi is wrong. Before baseball removes the speck of dust from Giambi's eye, they should remove the plank of wood from its own eye.

American Idol
- I'm pulling for Jordin Sparks to win tonight. After all she is the daughter for former New York Giants cornerback Phillipi Sparks!

Ken Griffey, Jr.
- When will he start to regain the recognition he deserves? He smacked home run number 572 last night, and for all we know he has been steroid free. He should start getting some of the lime light back.

Darryl Strawberry
- The Straw that Stirs the drink. I had the good fortune of meeting him last night at a fundraising event. He is a swell guy in person, and looked a bit heavier, and a lot taller in person. I asked him who he rooted for this past weekend in the Subway series, and like a true politician he answered "New York". I also asked him how his son (whom is about to graduate from the University of Maryland) was doing, and he said that his son is looking forward to be drafted by an NBA team next month.

NBA Draft Lottery
- Its tonight. The New York Knicks have a 1.99 % chance of getting the top pick. But if they do win it, then look for Isiah Thomas to be on suicide watch, and Eddie Curry will be forced to wear a bullet proof vest for the rest of his life. The Chicago Bulls will wind up via the Knicks, with the best big man to come out of the draft (Greg Oden) since Tim Duncan.

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