Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time to Support Vick [David Stefanini]

There is no question, I am going to be very biased in this post and some people may be offended. However, I can no longer sit by and listen to many people go on bashing Michael Vick. I will not try to defend him using the idiotic concepts, Clinton Portis tried to do, rather I will bring into question our right to judge someone before he has even been accused of the crime.

Lets look over the details of the dog-fighting incident:

Michael Vick's friend was found in a home owned by Vick. There is evidence that dog fighting takes place in the home.

Vick says he is never at the house and does not condone dog fighting.

A source from ESPN says Michael Vick is a "heavyweight" in the world of dog fighting.

Seeing all the evidence I also want to mention, in the United States of America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Just ask O.J. Simpson (okay the glove didn't fit it wasn't him, cough cough). Just because someone who is to scared to show his face says Vick is involved does not mean he is. Also this source says the fighting happened in 2000. If that is true, the NFL has no right to punish Michael Vick, for he was not employed by the NFL at that time. Now the law has every right to find out what really has happened, but right now there is so little evidence it is impossible to say Vick is guilty of anything, other than surrounding himself with morons.

All I am saying is before we jump the gun and crucify Vick, let us wait to see if charges are even going to be brought up against him. It seems the media has already found him guilty, before they have all the facts. Remember when they did that in the Duke Lacrosse story? Let us not do the same thing for Michael Vick. Let all the facts come forth first before we judge and find someone guilty.

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