Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who Would You Rather Face In The Championship? [Michael Vinciguerra]

While props deserve to be given to the Jazz and their future talent, the Spurs unquestionably dominated the Jazz in every aspect. Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer showed up to play, while the rest of the Jazz did not. Now, the Spurs will either face the Cavs or Pistons in the NBA Championship and the question is which team would the Spurs rather face?

The Pistons, who are currently struggling against the Cavs, clearly do not have the same team chemistry of previous years. With the loss of Ben Wallace and a lack of leadership from Chauncy Billups and Rasheed Wallace, the Pistons appear lost and confused on the court and it would seem likely that the Spurs would be able to take control. Now the Cavs, however, are a different story. Watching Lebron James play basketball, especially in games three and four against the Pistons, is like discovering the meaning of life. He's that good and there is simply no way to defend him. He can cross over and drive the lane against three defenders or take a fade away jumper and make it while falling on his behind. Now place Lebron James in the NBA Finals and give him the chance to win a championship. If Lebron has been described as becoming the next Michael Jordan, then he must win many championships....and that starts now. Now, if only he had better players to work around him.......

Anyway, the bottom line is if the Spurs face the Pistons, the Spurs will win. However, if the Spurs face the Cavs, its Lebron's time to shine. If I was Tim Duncan and the Cavs beat the Pistons, I'd be seeking some prozac.

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