Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hail to the King [David Stefanini]

I can not believe it; LeBron James has single handily carried a team to the NBA Finals. Sure, Daniel Gibson had a career game, but it was and always has been, about LeBron.

David Stern and the rest of the top executives in the NBA were praying for this to happen. Sure, they are going to get blown out by the Spurs, but the point is LeBron has made it. Now the world can see LeBron on the biggest stage and judge his performances first hand.

Upon his arrival in the NBA I was instantly convinced he was going to live up to all the hype (I didn't expect him to pass the expectations like he has) and one day lead his team to a Finals appearance. I did not think it would be this soon with a supporting cast of, *COUGH* no one *COUGH*.

Over the next several days you and I are going to hear all sorts of talk about how he is great and how he is the best player in the league. I will be one of the people praising LeBron to no end. However, it is important for us to not get carried away. Sure he lead his team to the Finals, but he did it in the Eastern Conference. There are at least 4 teams in the West, who are already eliminated, that would kill the Cavs in a seven game series: Jazz, Mavericks, Suns, Rockets. I am not taking abything away from the Cavs, I am just pointing out the fact they are in the Eastern Conference. It is a lot easier to get to the Finals playing in the East. With all that said, there is no denying the fact that a 22 year old kid has become the face of the NBA. He is an amazing talent that can do anything on the court. The only thing wrong is his free-throw shooting, and his inconsistency with the jump shot. He is 22 and will surely cure those problems with age. We should all sit back and enjoy the next decade, because we are going to have the privilege of watching one of the single most talented individuals to ever play in the NBA.

Now for one note on the upcoming Finals. Personally, I hate the Spurs, and I am warning the readers of this blog, do not expect me to say anything nice about them unless they win the title. After every game I am going to write about what the Cavs did and how they can improve. They are appealing to watch, they have LeBron, and they are from the East.


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