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**LIVE BLOGGING** -- NBA Draft [David Stefanini]

2007 NBA Draft:

#1 - Portland Trail Blazers: Greg Oden (C - Ohio State)
#2 - Seattle Sonics: Kevin Durant (F - Texas)
#3 - Atlanta Hawks: Al Horford (F - Florida)
#4 - Memphis Grizzlies: Mike Conley Jr. (G - Ohio State)

Proposed Trade Alert:
The Seattle Sonics trade Ray Allen and the 35th pick to the Boston Celtics for the #5 pick, Delonte West, and Wally Szerbiak.

#5 - Boston Celtics: Jeff Green (F - Georgetown). As mentioned above, Jeff Green will be traded to Seattle.
#6 - Milwaukee Bucks: Yi Jianlian (F - China)
#7 - Minnesota Timberwolves: Corey Brewer (F - Florida)
#8 - Charlotte Bobcats: Brandan Wright (F - North Carolina)
#9 - Chicago Bulls: Joakim Noah (F - Florida)
#10 - Sacramento Kings: Spencer Hawes (C - Washington)
#11 - Atlanta Hawks: Acie Law IV (G - Texas A&M)
#12 - Philadelphia 76ers: Thaddeus Young (G - Georgia Tech)
#13 - New Orleans Hornets: Julian Wright (F - Kansas)
#14 - Los Angeles Clippers: Al Thornton (F - Florida State)
#15 - Detroit Pistons: Rodney Stuckey (G - Eastern Washington)
#16 - Washington Wizards: Nick Young (G - USC)

Proposed Trade Alert:
The New York Knicks make a move, a big one. The Knicks send Channing Frye and Steve Francis to the Portland Trail Blazers for Zach Randolph, Dan Dickau, and Fred Jones. I love this trade for the Knicks. Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph are going to be a great 1-2 punch.

#17 - New Jersey Nets: Sean Williams (F - Boston College)
#18 - Golden State Warriors: Marco Belinelli (G - Italy)
#19 - Los Angeles Lakers: Javaris Crittenton (G - Georgia Tech)
#20 - Miami Heat: Jason Smith (F - Colorado State)
#21 - Philadelphia 76ers: Daequan Cook (G - Ohio State)

Proposed Trade Alert:
The Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers are going to swap picks. The Heat will send Jason Smith to Miami and in return get Daequan Cook, a 2009 2nd round pick, and cash. Brilliant move by the Heat, why not get paid to make your selection?

#22 - Charlotte Bobcats: Jared Dudley (F - Boston College)
#23 - New York Knicks: Wilson Chandler (F - DePaul)

Proposed Trade Alert:
The Portland Trail Blazers have just bought the 24th pick from the Phoenix Suns. The Trail Blazers will give the Suns some cash and the Suns will pick and send the player to the Blazers.

#24 - Phoenix Suns: Rudy Fernandez (G- Spain). As stated above Fernandez will be sent to the Trail Blazers.
#25 - Utah Jazz: Marris Almond (G - Rice)
#26 - Houston Rockets: Aaron Brooks (G - Oregon)
#27 - Detroit Pistons: Arron Afflalo (G - UCLA)
#28 - San Antonio Spurs: Tiago Splitter (F - Brazil)
#29 - Phoenix Suns: Alando Tucker (F - Wisconsin)
#30 - Philadelphia 76ers: Petteri Koponen (G - Finland)

End of Round 1.
The Bulls had a chance to get a low post scorer and passed. They got an energy guy in Joakim Noah, but they are a team full of that. They need a scorer. A winner in this first round is; the Phoenix Suns. They got an absolute steal with drafting Alando Tucker 29th. Also the Atlanta Hawks made a killing on the first round. They got Al Horford and Acie Law. Both of those players are guys who can come in and immediately contribute to the basketball club. Look for them to compete for a playoff spot in 2008.

Beginning of Round 2.
#31 - Seattle Sonics: Carl Landry (F - Purdue)

*UPDATE* Trade Alert:
The trade is now official. In what is clearly the worst move in recent Draft history, the Charlotte Bobcats trade Brandan Wright to the Golden State Warriors for Jason Richardson and Jermaro Davidson.

#32 - Boston Celtics: Gabe Pruitt (G - USC)
#33 - San Antonio Spurs: Marcus Williams (F- Arizona)
#34 - Dallas Mavericks: Nick Fazekas (F- Nevada)
#35 - Seattle Sonics: Glen "Baby" Davis (F - LSU).
As mentioned above this pick will be sent to the Celtics.
#36 - Golden State Warriors: Jermareo Davidson (F - Alabama)

Proposed Trade Alert:
The Philadelphia 76ers will send Petteri Koponen to the Portland Trail Blazers for the 42nd pick and cash.

#37 - Portland Trail Blazers: Josh McRoberts (F- Duke)
#38 - Philadelphia 76ers: Kyrylo Fesenko (C - Ukraine)
#39 - Miami Heat: Stanko Barac (C - Bosnia)
#40 - Los Angeles Lakers: Sun Yue (G - China)
#41 - Minnesota Timberwolves: Chirs Richard (F - Florida)
#42 - Portland Trail Blazers: Derrick Byars (G - Vanderbilt).
As mentioned above, Derrick Byars was drafted for the Portland Trail Blazers.
#43 - New Orleans Hornets: Adam Haluska (G - Iowa)
#44 - Orlando Magic: Reyshawn Terry (F - North Carolina)
#45 - Los Angeles Clippers: Jared Jordan (G - Marist)
#46 - Golden State Warriors: Stephane Lasme (F - Massachusetts)
#47 - Washington Wizards: Dominic McGuire (F - Fresno State)
#48 - Los Angeles Lakers: Marc Gasol (C - Spain)
#49 - Chicago Bulls: Aaron Gray (C -Pittsburgh)

Proposed Trade Alert:
The Indiana Pacers will give the Miami Heat a 2009 2nd Round Pick for Stanko Barac.

#50 - Dallas
Mavericks: Renaldas Seibutis (G - Lithuania)
#51 - Chicago Bulls: JamesOn Curry (G - Oklahoma State)
#52 - Portland Trail Blazers: Taurean Green (G - Florida)
#53 - Portland Trail Blazers: Demetris Nichols (F - Syracuse)
#54 - Houston Rockets: Brad Newley (G - Australia)
#55 - Utah Jazz: Herbert Hill (F - Providence)
#56 - Milwaukee Bucks: Ramon Sessions (G - Nevada)
#57 - Detroit Pistons: Sammy Mejia (G - DePaul)
#58 - San Antonio Spurs: Giorgos Printezis (F - Greece)
#59 - Phoenix Suns: D.J. Strawberry (G - Maryland)... yes it is the son of Darryl.
#60 - Dallas Mavericks: Milovan Rakovic (C - Serbia)

This concludes the 2007 NBA Draft. Overall it was an entertaining draft to watch. There was a lot of deals that were made.

I want to point out how the Portland Trail Blazers have totally revamped their roster. Three years ago this was a complete and total drug trafficking team. Now they have a completely new roster which is young and exciting. They should be applauded for the way they have just uprooted the entire roster and have given it a new look.

The last thing I want to say, the Golden State Warriors should be arrested. They committed robbery on Michael Jordan. They acquired a potential franchise player in exchange for a high flying streaky shooter.

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