Monday, July 30, 2007

Michael Strahan: Report to Camp or Retire [J. Mark English]

What is the deal with Michael Strahan and the New York Giants? The New York Times covered the early beginnings of the saga a few days ago. Strahan has become a no-show at training camp, and the Giants are grumbling.

They have contacted retired DE Simeon Rice, and to try to use him as a leverage against Strahan in case Strahan decides to hang up the cleats.

I think Strahan is abusing his relationship with the Jints. If he's holding out for more money, then he is being a hypocrite. A few years ago he called out Tiki Barber for not being a team player for trying to get more money in a contract dispute. Now he is doing the same thing, and not just during the off season, but as the Giants gather for camp up in Albany.

It would be understandable if he needs more money, since he lost $14 million in a lawsuit involving his ex-wife. But the Giants are not exactly going to open up the wallets just to help Strahan out with his personal financial problems.

Strahan may undervalued. He is making $4 million this year, and that is substandard considering he is one of the best in the game at his position. The barrage of overpaid mediocre free agents this past off season would further Strahan's argument that he is not making what he's worth. But he's 35 going on 36, and is coming off two seasons with consecutive injuries. The Giants will be hurt without him, but hardly need to shell out more money just to keep him.

You'd think Strahan would come back more money or not just so he can eclipse Lawrence Taylor's sack total of 132 1/2. Strahan is currently tied with Taylor for that record.

Whatever his decision is, he should make it soon. This distraction is that last thing the Giants need with a coach who is in his make or break year, with a quarterback who's career may be defined by this season, and a team that needs a serious confidence boost going into pre-season.

Why in the world is Strahan seeking to destroy whatever small amount of confidence the Giants come into camp with is beyond me.

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