Monday, July 30, 2007

Tony Stewart Wins the Brickyard [David Stefanini]

Watch out NASCAR because here comes Tony Stewart. Stewart is on a roll again in the second half of the NASCAR season. Here is Terry Blout with more:

Stewart's confidence is back in full swing after winning back-to-back races for the seventh time in his career.

That's not a good thing for the rest of the Nextel Cup drivers. The shark in an orange fire suit smells blood in the water. Don't get in his way or he will swallow you whole.

How confident is Stewart now?Trailing leader Kevin Harvick by five car lengths with 15 laps to go, Stewart got on his radio and said, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

Under the stupid 'Chase for the Cup' rules, Stewart looks to have all the momentum going into the final stretch of the season. Jeff Gordon, who has clearly dominated the circuit this year, is going to have his hands full contending with Stewart. While I was watching the race yesterday I kept thinking to myself how good Tony looked. He ran a smooth race and turned up the heat with 10 laps to go to win it. It was a brilliant performance. He is my favorite going into the Chase to win it all.

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