Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bonds' Streak Is A Good Thing [Michael Vinciguerra]

Whether Barry Bonds is intentionally doing it or not, his lack of hitting a home run against the Dodgers (and on the road) thus far is a very good thing for baseball. LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR. HE MUST NOT BREAK THE RECORD ON THE ROAD. No one truly appreciates Bonds for who he is except for the fans of Bonds...and those fans for a large part exist solely on his home turf. Would you really want to see the one who is going to break one of the greatest records in sports history being booed at and taunted as he circles the bases? Even worse, would you want to see baseball fans throwing things and rioting? This would look bad for the game of baseball. Whether you hate him or not, a record being broken calls for celebration and that celebration can only exist in Bonds' ballpark. So, if Bonds is aware of this, he should continue to look for walks and hit simple grounders until they get home.