Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sox, Yanks, Best Teams in MLB [Addison Quale]

You've got to hand it to them. The Yankees have come a long way. After struggling mightily through April and May, they are now humming along and chipping away at what used to be a 14 game separation between them and the Bosox. Now 7 games separate the two teams. Make no mistake though, the Yankees and the Red Sox should be considered (by far) the two best teams in the majors. Why is this? Not only is the NL a parity-ridden league once again this year, but the AL isn't exactly full of juggernauts. The best gauge of future success is probably just looking at run differential. And here's the story.

Team Wins Losses RS RA Run Differential
  1. Yankees 58 49 620 483 + 137
  2. Sox 65 42 550 424 + 126
  3. Tigers 61 46 615 532 + 83
And what a story it is. The Yanks have outscored their opponents more than any other team in baseball. They are 54 runs superior when compared to the 3rd place Tigers in this category. Consider the fact that they are only 9-15 in one run games while the Sox are 16-16 and you see what is separating them. The season is far from over. At this rate the Yankees will make the playoffs either by overtaking the Sox in the East or snagging the Wild Card. They are on pace to score a whopping 937 runs now that their bats have come alive.

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