Monday, July 30, 2007

I Don't Like Barry Bonds [A.J. Cordi]

I just wanted to drop a quick rant before Tuesdays game between the San Francisco Giants the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It's no secret that I don't like Barry Bonds. I've expressed my dislike here, here, implied it here and here, shared my dislike of Bonds with the S.F. fans here, referred to it here, and have commented on it tons times on this blog.

This guy shouldn't even be allowed to bat. When is the last time you actually saw him run to first base? If he doesn't hit a home run, he barely jogs down the baseline. And people expect this alleged steroid-using douche bag cheater to be in the Hall of Fame? I wouldn't give him the honor of wiping my ass. He plays for Barry Bonds, not his team. If I owned the Giants, I would make him pay his own salary.

Bonds will be facing Dodgers' Starting Pitcher Brad Penny (13-1) on Tuesday. I hope Penny walks him every time.

And that's my rant...

The End.

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