Tuesday, October 09, 2007

How Close is the End for Torre? [J. Mark English]

Is it only a matter of time before Joe Torre feels the sharp end of the ax from the Boss? Yahoo News has the latest:

Joe Torre and his Yankees players began the wait Tuesday for George Steinbrenner's decision: Will he keep the manager or let him go after 12 consecutive postseason appearances?

Few players were at Yankee Stadium, a day after their season-ending 6-4 loss to Cleveland, the third straight year New York was eliminated in the first round.

Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Phillips and Jose Molina packed their gear for the long winter. Don Mattingly, mentioned as a possible replacement along with Joe Girardi and Tony La Russa, said succeeding Torre would be difficult.

"It's like following John Wooden or something," Mattingly said. "This guy wins championship after championship and we're in the playoffs in every year. You know, it's really — it's pretty much a no-win situation for someone coming in here to be able to live up to the expectations or live up to what he did. It's not going to happen. So as far someone coming in and taking over this job, it's not a good, you know — it's not necessarily a great situation."

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