Saturday, October 06, 2007

Could the ALCS/NLCS Match-ups be Known by Tomorrow? [J. Mark English]

In short...yes.

The Boston Red Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, and the Colorado Rockies all are up 2-0 in the their respective division series.

By tomorrow night, game 3 in each series will have been played. All four teams could sweep, and we can begin the NLCS/ALCS.

Baseball's worst nightmare has to be a match-up between the Rockies/Diamondbacks. That series will probably get dreadful ratings. Fortunately for MLB, it will be on TBS where the ratings expectations aren't quite as important as they will be for FOX which will carry the ALCS.

should bring in enough good ratings to help the Obviously, FOX would prefer a Yankees/Red Sox match-up, but a Indians/Red Sox MLB should bring in better ratings then last year when the Tigers played the A's in the ALCS.

Last year's World Series ratings were so horrific that the Major League Soccer championship game had a higher rating then any one game of the World Series between the Tigers and the Cardinals.

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