Monday, July 06, 2009

NBA Offseason Off to Blazing Start [David Stefanini]

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2009-2010 NBA basketball season is officially over before it even begins...more on this later. Sure LeBron James got a new sidekick, but at this point J. Mark English is a better center than Shaq (maybe a little overstated there). Point is Shaq is not going to bring a title to Cleveland. He can't guard the likes of Kevin Garnett or Dwight Howard.

Speaking of KG and the new Superman, they both acquired big name stars to add onto the team. Rasheed Wallace has reportedly agreed to terms with the Boston Celtics. But does this really get anyone excited? 'Sheed has had his better days already pass and in this NBA a big man who can hit outside shots is not all that uncommon. Dwight Howard got a new teammate in Vince Carter which in my opinion is a better addition than 'Sheed. With Jameer Nelson coming back and the addition of Vince Carter this Orlando Magic team may be the only one who has a shot at dethroning the Lakers.

Now onto the Lakers who I believe have already won next years championship. To deal with the loss of Trevor Ariza the Lakers go out and sign someone who is a better shooter, a better defender, and a bigger body, Ron Artest. How are you going to beat the Lakers now? With Andrew Bynum continuing to grow, Pau Gasol playing at his best, and that guy named Kobe how can this team be beaten? Their bench can't possibly play any worse than they did this past season, so they have to improve a little bit.

Most of you are probably saying but KG is healthy and the Celtics will be there in the end. Maybe your right, but the Lakers are clearly the class of the league right now and unless Kobe misses the season due to an injury there is no one that is going to stop him from title number 5.

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