Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The World Series of UGH! [J. Mark English]


I friggin' hate both the Yankees and the Phillies. Okay, hate is a strong word. I DESPISE both teams.

I loathe the Yanks out of pure and cynical jealousy.

My antipathy for the Phillies follows from them sneaking (and dancing) their way into the playoffs the last three seasons at the expense of my favorite team, the New York Mets.

In order to avoid having to express too many thoughts on this years World Series (which I'm sure will be a ratings dream for MLB), my friend Chris Mari will be sharing a few thoughts from a Phillies fan perspective.

As for now, I do not know who to root for. Although from a business perspective, the Yanks winning it all will be a boon for American Legends.

Chris Mari has already been busy on his Facebook wall putting up the following comments:

dear boston, welcome to the phillies nation. enjoy your stay, who knows, you may even grow to like it. love, philly ps...will trade rally towels for yankees suck shirts...


dear phillies please win the world series. i want to repeat the best month, week, day everrrr.... and run around broad street like a maniac until the wee hours. oh and that parade was pretty cool too. brotherly love, christopher

Then there is my friend Adrienne (a Yankees fan) who writes things like:

Just sat next to Andy Pettitte at the movies,.. Law Abiding Citizen - he didn't like all the "blood and guts" so if he doesn't pitch well tomorrow its cause he didn't sleep well tonight! LETS GO YANKEES!

And here are some pics already up on Facebook:

Buckle up fans...its going to be an interesting few weeks...

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