Friday, November 17, 2006

Tired of Experts NOT Picking Winners: [David Stefanini]

Last night I was at home watching ESPN like a good little sports nut. As I am watching it SportsCenter brings in two 'college football experts' to break down the game. I think to myself, "Good they are going to predict a winner and tell me who is the better all around team." But what I get is them disagreeing on every single topic saying Michigan has a better defense, no Ohio does. I watch this show to be given facts on who is better. If I want a debate about who is a better team I could ask Mark English and just disagree with him. One of the 'experts' picks Michigan to be better in every aspect of the game expect Quarterback position. He says they have a better running game, better receivers, better defense, and the intangibles. Then the 'expert' goes out and says Ohio will win the game by at least a touchdown! I am sorry did I miss something. He spent 15 minutes telling me how much better Michigan was only to pick Ohio State and his reason? Look for Ohio to win. THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!