Monday, December 18, 2006

Giants: "It is a Little Bit Frustrating" [J. Mark English]

"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good, we oft might win, by fearing to attempt." - William Shakespeare

"We know what we are, but know not what we may become." - William Shakespeare


"I wish I could pinpoint why we make so many mistakes that cost ourselves, because there were times this year that we played exceptional. There were also times when we played like we were a team full of rookies. We have done that to ourselves. We have no one to blame other than to look at each other. I think we are an underachieving team today, certainly. Especially with how many opportunities we gave them and our opportunities that we did not take advantage of. It is a little bit frustrating." - Tiki Barber

The real frustration about the Giants loss yesterday to the Eagles, was that an Eagles fan gave me the moment of a life time outside the stadium. A moderately good looking, twenty something, female, obviously drunk, ran towards an RV covered with Giants' colors. She took advantage of the ladder at the back of the RV, and darted to the top of the RV, and took down the Giants flag that had been blowing in the Meadowlands' wind all day. She then removed her Dawkins jersey, and flashed all the Giant fans in the parking lot. Her breasts were right out in the open for all disparaged Giant fans to see. At least they finally had something to "smile" about. (Or she was just paving the way for Bourbon Street and the New Orleans Saints that are coming to town next week)

Back to reality: as part of my tradition, I left the stadium yesterday and made my first phone call to my brother. He told me that he didn't want to talk about the game at all. And then did so anyway. He called the team a bunch of losers, from the equipment boy, to the head coach. Teams that play the way the Giants did yesterday, do not deserve to win. They do not even deserve to be called a football team.

Harsh words, but who can really disagree?

Herm Edwards once said "you play to win the game." Yesterday, and frankly, for the past six games, the Giants have played to lose the game.

The Giants had four turnovers. How can you expect to win a game with that many give aways?

The Eagles had 12 penalties, which accounted for over a hundred yards. Could the Giants take advantage of the Eagles mistakes? No.

Twice in the second half the Giants found themselves with a first and goal. And twice, they came away with only a field goal. Unacceptable.

Twice in the second half, the Giants took leads of 16-14, and then 22-21. How did the defense and special teams respond? They gave the lead right back.

This has been par for the course over the past six weeks. They continue as a team to invent new ways to lose.

Now this team has a choice. Can they actually find how to win together as a team in the 15th game of the season? Or do they fall further into despair, and end this season in shambles?

Magic moments in sports do happen when you least expect it. As improbable as it seems, if the Jints go on a six game winning streak starting Sunday, the last win would leave them with a Vince Lombardi Trophy in hand.

In the final analysis There is considerable doubt that this team can even win one game, nevertheless the two they must win just to ensure a playoff berth.

As my Christmas wish though, I wish for a home win by this team. To give the loyal Giants fans a chance to see what they have paid a lot of money to see. A Giants victory. By the end of the fourth quarter on Christmas Eve, Giant fans will either have lumps of coals in their stockings, or the hopes of a playoff berth dancing in their heads.

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