Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pick the NFL Winners - Week 15 [EdMcGon]

Sorry about last week folks. It was a busy one.

But back by popular request (ok, one person asked about it), we are picking up with our usual "pick the NFL winners". Only your pride is at stake, since I will announce the winners and losers next week. We will NOT be picking the Thursday night games, in order to give people plenty of time to get their picks done.

Without further ado, my picks in red:

Dallas at Atlanta: Even though Atlanta's defense is getting healthy, I cannot see them putting a can of whoopass on Dallas like New Orleans did.

Cleveland at Baltimore: In real life, what do ravens do to brownies?

Detroit at Green Bay: Expect a lot of frozen paws on the Lambeau tundra.

Houston at New England: They say everything is bigger in Texas. But when you take them to New England, they get REALLY small.

Jacksonville at Tennessee: Both of these teams are coming off huge wins. After losing to Houston twice this year, I just don't see the Jags taking the Titans lightly, even though the Jags already beat them once.

Miami at Buffalo: Another tough game. Take the healthier Bills team at home.

N.Y. Jets at Minnesota: Intriguing matchup of two teams that started strong but have recently cooled off. While the Vikes still have the best run defense in the NFL, the Jets strength is passing. The matchups work for the Jets.

Pittsburgh at Carolina: If Delhomme plays, the Cats win.

Tampa Bay at Chicago: Wouldn't it be cool if the Bucs won this game? Then Gruden woke up...

Washington at New Orleans: The Skins don't have a prayer in this one.

Denver at Arizona: Welcome to the Jay Cutler "coming out" party.

Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants: I have a hunch that Jeff Garcia has the Giants defense for lunch.

St. Louis at Oakland: The Battle of (previously) Los Angeles teams. If the Raiders are going to beat anyone, it will be the Rams. Assuming the Raiders don't mail it in...

Kansas City at San Diego: Payback for the Bolts.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis: Carson Palmer has been studying Peyton Manning for a few years. I bet Palmer has had this game circled since the schedule came out.

UPDATE: There are THREE winners this week:

EdMcGon - 10
David Stefanini - 10
J. Mark English - 10