Wednesday, December 06, 2006

NBA News of the Day 12.6.2006: [David Stefanini]

- Steve Nash had 20 assists last night against the Kings last night. It was the second time in his career he reached the 20 assist mark in a single game. It's amazing to watch him go out their and be a general on the court. He is probably one of a handful of players who can dominate a game without scoring.

- Ray Allen missed lasts nights game with a strained tendon in his right ankle. This is the same ankle he had surgery on back in 2003. Allen goes for an MRI tomorrow, if their is any damage, it could kill the Sonics as a team, and more importantly put a damper on one of the leagues brightest stars.

- Lamarcus Aldridge recorded a double-double last night. If his development continues, look for him to be an All-Star in a few years.

Player of the Night:
Steve Nash edges out Elton Brand. Nash recorded 20 assists while scoring 11 points. Steve Nash has the Suns playing their best basketball of the season. Right now they are on a 7 game winning streak and second place in their division. If Nash continues to play like this it won't be long before they are first in their division.

Game to Watch Tonight:
New Orleans visits LA tonight to take on the Lakers at 10:30et. Kobe Bryant is going to be a game-time decision, however, there is another young star to watch in this game. Chris Paul is quickly becoming one of the three best point guards in this league. In only his second season in the league he is being mentioned with Jason Kidd and Steve Nash. Rightfully so, everyone says LeBron has a shot at a triple-double, but CP3 has a shot himself later in his career.