Wednesday, December 20, 2006

T.O Gets Snubbed Out of Pro Bowl: [David Stefanini]

Love him or hate him, Terrell Owens deserved to be in the Pro Bowl this year. The fact that he did not make the starting team is a shame, the fact that he did not make the team at all is flat out wrong. He is in the top 5 in receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns in the NFC. He actually leads the NFL in TD's which we all know is the most important stat of the game. Owens has already cracked the 1,000 yards mark this season. So I pose this question to everyone, why did he get left off the team?
I understand many of you will say because he is (insert nasty name here). Or some of you will say he could care less about the team. But look at the numbers, that's all I ask, and then ask yourselves how did he miss the team?

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