Saturday, December 09, 2006

Troy Smith: Heisman Winner? [J. Mark English]

Tonight the Heisman Trophy will be awarded to either Troy Smith, Brady Quinn or Darren McFadden. The odds on favorite to win will be Troy Smith, and he'll more then likely blow away the competition.

Troy Smith most likely will not be a significant player in the NFL (he reminds me of a Charlie Ward...who despite winning the Heisman, went on to have a mediocre career in the NBA)...

Many believe that Hawaii's Colt Brennan may be the one to come of out this years college draft as the best down the line.

But be that as it may, enjoy some highlights of Troy Smith's fabulous time as quarterback for the number one team in the nation, Ohio State: [Be warned, there are some bad words in this song, so kids should have parental guidance]

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