Saturday, January 20, 2007

AFC Championship: Food Stakes [J. Mark English]

Last week I had a post about the mayors of Philadelphia and New Orleans, and how pathetic they were as leaders. This week, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, and Idianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson have decided to wager a bet over this weekends AFC Championship matchup.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino today slapped down his wager on a New England Patriots victory this weekend, betting Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson that the Pats will prevail in the AFC title game against Peyton Manning and the hated Colts.

“I want to join all of Boston and New England in wishing the Patriots the best of luck in their quest towards another Super Bowl victory,” Menino said. “We all look forward to cheering on the Patriots on Sunday as they look to continue their impressive dynasty.”

Menino put up a New England seafood dinner of Lobster, littelnecks and clam chowder against steak and shrimp cocktail dinner wagered by Peterson. - Casey Ross

The Colts are not the only one with a lot on the line this Sunday, Friday Mayor Bart Peterson made a friendly wager with the mayor of Boston and he is feeling pretty confident. After all, he won his bet last week with the mayor of Baltimore.

Mayor Peterson isn't eating crow after winning the bet, he's eating crab. Maryland made good on the bet by sending Peterson and his Blue Crew buddies some cream of their own: cream of crab soup, crab meat cocktail and Maryland's world famous crab cakes.

And so the bet is on. Mayor Peterson hopes when the deed is done at the Dome our boys in blue will insure their mayor enjoys the taste of New England. - Deanna Dewberry

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