Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise State Deserves a Shot at Ohio State/Florida [David Stefanini]

The Fiesta Bowl has just concluded leaving Boise State with a record of 13-0. All year they have been criticized for not playing a good team; well they just beat a college football power house, Oklahoma. Boise State showed heart, poise, and overwhelming talent in this game. They should get a shot at Ohio State.
They have played 13 games this season and have won all 13. It is not their fault that Florida has a tougher schedule, they can only play the games they are scheduled to play. Florida lost one of their games and quite frankly looked very weak in several other games. Boise State has showed up to every game and beat their opponents making them a perfect team. A team, which has not lost all year deserves to be in the title game more-so than a team, which has lost 1 game in the season.
If Florida beats Ohio State in the title game by a close margin why shouldn't Boise State be ranked #1 in the final ballot? If Ohio State wins the title game Boise State should definitely be the #2 team in the nation. It would be nice to see Boise State and Ohio State play an "exhibition game" after all the bowl games are decided to see if they can win against Ohio State.
Lastly, if you missed this game please turn on ESPN Classic in the near future and watch for this instant classic. I have never seen an ending to a football game like this. Then to conclude it all the running back from Boise State proposes to his girlfriend during his interview.

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