Friday, January 19, 2007

Pick the NFL Playoff Winners - Final Results [EdMcGon]

In our first annual "Pick the NFL Playoff Winners" contest, with two points for each correct pick in the Divisional Playoffs, the results are shown below (Wild Card results + Divisional Playoff results = Total):

Bugg: 3 points + 6 points = 9 points
Robert A. George: 3 pts. + 2 pts. = 5 points
EdMcGon: 2 pts. + 2 points = 4 points
David Stefanini: 1 pt. + 2 pts. = 3 points

None of us will get the points for the AFC Champion this week, since none of us had Indy or New England. I can also safely say none of us will get the Super Bowl champion either, since we all had AFC teams winning it all.

Since I am dead in the water, and Robert and David cannot get enough points with their remaining picks, BUGG IS THE WINNER!

Congratulations Bugg!