Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Your New Years Fix 1.2.07 [J. Mark English]

Its been awhile since I've done this, so I'm going to cover a lot of ground. I never took the oppurtunity to wish the readers of this site a Happy New Years, but Happy New Years! My hope is that this blog can continue to grow in 2007, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts, as well as reading your comments during the incredible sport moments that are sure to come in the new year.

And now...your fix:
  • The Denver Broncos mourn the loss of cornerback, Darrent Williams, who was killed in a drive by shooting early yesterday morning.
  • Pat Forde argues that yesterday's Boise State vs. Oklahama game may have been one of the best ever.
  • Although Boise State may have a case for being No. 1, at least Michigan can no longer complain about not playing Ohio State, as they were whipped by U.S.C.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers "brass" are pressing Bill Cowher for a quick decision as to his future.
  • And the Alabama Crimston Tide wait with pressing hope that Saban will bit at the huge contract he's been offered.
  • Saban may either leave or stay, but the Dolphin's Jason Taylor may retire anyway.
  • The Jets may be fortunate this weekend, since the Pats' saftey, Rodeny Harrison, may be sidelined with a MCL sprain.
  • Shaquille O'Neal hopes to return to the Heats' lineup by January 15.
  • UCLA remains number one in the college basketball polls.
  • Johnny Gibson, who set a world record in 1927 in the 400-meter hurdle jumps, died at the age of 101.
  • The Oakland Athletics may be willing to trade away their winning pitcher Joe Blanton to the Mets in exchange for Lastings Milledge.
  • Two people were found stabbed to death outside of Chris Chelio's bar in downtown Detroit, Michigan.

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