Sunday, February 18, 2007

All-Star Game Wrap Up [David Stefanini]

Final Score: West 153 East 132

Let's review shall we. The Western Conference ran up and down the court the entire night making the East look awful. The West could not miss a shot, mainly because they were either wide open or were to busy dunking on the East.

I found the overall game was boring. Other than the occasional explosive dunk provided by Kobe (MVP), the shake and bake attempt by Shaq, or Gilbert Arenas dunking off the trampoline during the commercials there was not much entertainment.

I was looking forward to this game and once they did that awful pre-game I should have known it was going downhill. All I got was the Western Conference breaking every record the All-Star game had to offer. To truly wrap up the weekend we get to listen to David Stern put everyone to sleep. I can not wait for the real games to begin again.

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