Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: Final - Colts 29, Bears 17 [J. Mark English]

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9:53 pm
- I guess the stadium really was full of Bear fans. It looks like its half empty now. I've never seen a crowd from a Super Bowl file out that early! Talk about fickle fans.

9:48 pm
- Now comes the time to vote for the MVP. I'd give my vote to Manning, because he is the leader of this offense. He had a clean game for the most part. He thus far is 25 of 38 for close to 247 yards. But you can easily make an argument for either running back - Addai (19 carries, 77 yards along with 10 catches for 66 yards) and Rhodes (18 carries for 108 yards). They may wind up sharing the MVP, which hasn't happened since Super Bowl V with the Cowboys.

9:45 pm
- Bears fail to convert on fourth down. This very well could be the final drive of the game for the Colts. If they can manage to get at least just two first downs, then the Colts are Super Bowl champs.

9:37 pm
- I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the Colts defense has outplayed the Colts offense. After being given an opportunity to end this game, they are letting the Bears hang around. Just under eight minutes to go, and the Bears are down by 12, but still have an outside shot of getting back into the game.

9:34 pm
- Peyton Manning once again just pulled his best Eli Manning impression...

9:30 pm
- Can you say, over? Thats what this game is...Bears look absolutely shot. And Grossman is living up the build-up. He stinks. Colts have the ball now, great field position, and can start letting the clock roll down.

9:24 pm
- The TD by Hayden stands. And as Simms is saying, the Colts defense really has played well. And they just bailed out the Colts offense for failing to score enough points in the second half. Its looking grim for the Bears. Colts 29, Bears 17.

9:21 pm
- Oh my. After a great completion for Grossman, he may have just sealed the fate of the Bears. Throwing a pathetic pass to Hayden, and picked it off and returns it for a impending. As it stands now Colts 28, Bears 17.

9:17 pm
- Bears just got away with a roughing the passer penalty. But they should count their blessings because their offense gets the ball back, and still only down by five. The Bears have no business being in the game, and yet here they are with a change to take the lead. They need to enforce the running game...but stupid holding penalties will only hurt you.

9:15 pm
- "You don't think as well when your tired." - Phil Simms. Oy vey...

9:12 pm
- Colts can starting putting the nail in the coffin with a touchdown here. Sure, a FG would help, but they keep letting the Bears hang around. If they want to win, they need to accentuate their efforts with at touchdown.

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