Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: End of the Second Quarter - Colts 16, Bears 14 [J. Mark English]

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7:57 pm - I'm not sure what my read on this game is yet. Its been so choppy, and it just doesn't feel like a Championship game. It almost feels like a pre-season game given the penalties and boneheaded plays. So now on to a fifty minute half time. I hope the second half is brings a higher caliber game.

7:55 pm
- Okay once again with the back to back fumbles. And oh can we be reminded any more that both of these coaches are African American. How much more information do we need on this? And WOW...Vinatieri finally missed one... Colts 16, Bears 14. This is friggin sloppy game!

7:46 pm - David here, doesn't this game have that look that the Colts are going to soon run away with it. They get the ball first in the second half, if they can score here and control the clock on that first drive in the second half, the Bears could be in big trouble.

7:41 pm - If its true that Cedric Benson will not return for the Bears, then thats a key loss. They're running game is significantly diminished, and their ability to control the clock will be challenged. After going three and out, Colts get the ball back, and they can continue to wear down the Bears defense.

7:34 pm - Good news for the Colts, they just scored, and now have the lead. Bad news for the Bears - Manning is adjusting to the defensive schemes that the Bears are presenting. He's unstoppable once he figures out how to adjust to the defense. Colts 16, Bears 14.

7:32 pm - Can they please wipe the camera? The rain drops are really getting annoying...

7:24 pm - Really, these commercials are horrible. Chevy commercial just mocked the Mighty Morphan Power Rangers. They are terrible!

7:22 pm - Much like the Colts game against the Chiefs and the Ravens, the Colts offense is sluggish, and nearly ineffective. Yet they won both games. With a FG from Vinatieri they are very much alive. Bears 14, Colts 9.

7:17 pm - These have been some of the worst Super Bowl commercials ever. And most of them are repeats.

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