Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: End of the Third Quarter - Colts 22, Bears 17 [J. Mark English]

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9:10 pm
- And they failed...end of the third and the Colts are looking pretty.

9:09 pm
- 3rd and 1. Time for the Bears defense to make a stand.

9:07 pm
- Harrison was in...but they already lost one challenge on a stupid play. I think they will the call will be reversed. But in the off chance that they don't then the Colts will have only one time out left.

9:04 pm
- Betters who took the Bears must be happy that they are at least under the spread. But the Bears once again fail to capitalize on their gift from the Colts. They took up very little time, and now the Colts get the ball back, and the Bears D will continue to be worn down. Its incredible that the Bears are down by only five points. Colts 22, Bears 17.

8:59 pm
- The Bears keep getting gifts from the Colts. A missed FG, lack of getting into the end zone after being inside the Bears red zone twice, and now a costly penalty on the kick off return. If the Bears want to have any hope in winning this game, they have to show us something here.

8:55 pm
- Despite dominance by the Colts, the Bears are lucky to still be down by only a touchdown. This game has resembled the Colts/Ravens game. And Vinatieri has been the difference maker yet again. Colts 22, Bears 14.

8:50 pm
- I'm starting to smell a blow out. This reminds me of Super Bowl XXI between the Giants and the Broncos. The Broncos were up 10-9 at the half, but in the second half the Giants dominated the time of possession and dominated the Broncos. As close as this game has been so far, the Colts are in a position now to set themselves far apart with a score here. Rhodes just had his way with the Bears D.

8:47 pm
- The NFL spent a heavy bundle to install a brand new field for the game. The paint on the field plus the rain must be making it a nightmare for the players trying to keep a good footing. For a moment in the drive it looked like Grossman was starting something special for the Bears. But two bad looking plays later, their drive is done. Their chance of winning may be done too. This is the time for the Colts to lay down the hammer on the Bears, and wear them down for good.

8:39 pm
I don't understand what the Colts just did in using their challenge to see if the Bears had more then 11 players on the field. Even if they were right, its not like it would that much of a difference to the team. But since the lost the challenge, now they lose a time out, and they lose a challenge for a much more serious play later on in the game. At least they got a FG out of the drive, as opposed to their last drive. Now we'll see if the Bears can muster up anything after barely not having the ball for the past quarter and a half. Colts 19, Bears 14.

8:34 pm
- The Colts have had the ball for more then a two to one ration in terms of time. This cannot be good for the Bears offense as well. They will be out of sync by the time they get back on the field again. This could be the beginning of things spiraling out of control fast for the Bears, unless something drastic occurs for the Bears, and quick.

8:31 pm
- Although its raining, its still around 70 degrees on the field. Temperatures that the Bears I'm sure are not used too. Now that the Colts are finding their groove, and are eating the clock, and not giving the Bears defense much rest...its gotta be taking a toll on the Bears. Time of possession is overwhelmingly in favor of the Colts. Its not a good sign for the Bears. They'll try to take risks to get off the field, and may wind up getting burned.

8:26 pm - I think you're right Mark; that half-time show was really pathetic.

8:25 pm - Here we go. Its still any ones game.

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