Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Broncos Aquire Brandon Stokley [David Stefanini]

The Denver Broncos signed former Colts WR Brandon Stokley to a one-year deal. Once Stokley became a free agent is was known he was not going back to the Colts. He was coming off a season in which he tore is Achilles tendon. Stokley was going to sign with either the New Orleans Saints of the Denver Broncos. Stokley choose the Broncos.

Stokley should help in the development in second year quarterback Jay Cutler. Stokley is a kind of guy who can go out in the middle of the field and catch passes. He is not afraid to take a hit, and is more times than not dependable out there. This acquisiton by the Broncos should really help Cutler out.

The Broncos seem to be spending a lot of money this off-season going after top quality players. By doing so they are putting themselves in position to contend with the Chargers for the top spot in the AFC. I still feel they have a way to go before catching the Chargers, but we are still in March and many things are going to happen from now til the start of the season.

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