Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kobe Reigns Supreme in China Also [David Stefanini]

This past week Kobe has been dominating on the court, now Kobe is dominating in marketing. This season Kobe has the number one selling jersey in the USA and China. Last season Bryant was ranked fourth in China, but he is #1 there now.

What more is there for Kobe to do this season, other than get into the NBA Finals. His image seems to be totally restored to where it was before he committed adultery on his wife (or should I say before he was CAUGHT).

Other names on the list of top selling jerseys in China are:
Iverson, McGrady, Wade, James, and Ming; in that order.

I find it shocking in his own country, Yao Ming is not the top selling jersey. I guess that is because all the people over there already have his jersey and need to by other players.

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