Friday, March 16, 2007

March Sadness? [J. Mark English]

I'm taking a beating in my tournament picks. Not exactly feeling the luck of the Irish heading into St. Paddy's day weekend.

Nor were the Irish themselves...and by that I mean the University of Notre Dame.

Winthrop stole any good luck the Irish could rely on today by beating up on the blue & gold by the score of 74 to 64.

This was a classic first round game. Winthrop wins its first NCAA tournament game by offering up a roller coaster journey on the way to victory. At one point in the game they were up by 20 points. Then the Irish came storming back to take a one point lead with just over two minutes to go in the game.

Coach Mike Brey of Notre Dame said it best: We were back on our heels...We looked young. They looked old.

So far my picks for the Tourney are getting killed.
  • I had Albany over Virginia. Virginia blew out Albany 84 to 57.
  • In my bracket I had Georgia Tech over UNLV. UNLV won 67-63.
  • Long Beach State was another upset I foresaw...and once again I was dead wrong. Tennessee walloped them 121 to 86. Think about that for a moment...there are only 40 minutes in a college basketball game, and Tennessee rips off 121 points!!
  • Duke and Notre Dame both were to advance to the sweet 16 in my brackets. Instead they'll will be watching the sweet 16 on CBS.
My fingers will be crossed tonight hoping Holy Cross can pull off the upset that I predicted. Its my brothers alma mater, so I'm biased in my pick.


Bring back a smile, and some less sadness to my March Madness.

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