Thursday, March 22, 2007

Rangers Continue to Sizzle in Shanahan's Return [J. Mark English]

Global warming may or may not exist. But on the ice, the heat is coming from the Rangers who blew out yet another team in less then a week last night against the Philadelphia Flyers (sorry Chrissy).

Brendan Shanahan returned to the lineup last night for the first time since his concussion from several weeks ago. He lifted the spirit of the team, and helped them dominate. Henrik Lundqvist posted his fifth shut out of the season.

Through out most of the season, the team would lose at home with a similar script. They would go up 2-0 and then eventually lose the lead. They fixed the problem by instead of going up 2-0, why not go up 4-0, or 5-0 like they did last night...or even 7-0 like they did against Boston on Saturday.

The game began with a bang:

Colton Orr didn't let Todd Fedoruk rough up his New York teammates this time.

Just seconds after Orr started for the Rangers, Fedoruk hopped off the Philadelphia bench for a quick line change and squared off with the New York enforcer. The gloves came off and Orr dropped Fedoruk with a hard right to the cheek, knocking him out and forcing him to leave the ice on a stretcher.

The jolt just 21 seconds in sparked the crowd and sent the Rangers on their way to a 5-0 victory over the Flyers on Wednesday night.

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