Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crossing the Line [Chrissy]

With the latest Imus controversy marks the 4th highly publicized discriminating comment by a celebrity in the past few months to year. First there was Mel Gibson being anti-Semitic, followed by Isaiah Washington being anti-gay, then Michael Richards being racist and now Imus.

All of these people were wrong in what they said. No doubt about it.

However, why is it that they get vilified, where other people condone this behavior? Rappers consistently say "nigga" in their lyrics, there is even a group called Nappy Roots! It's like that Seinfeld episode where the dentist (Tim Whatley) converts to Judaism "strictly for the jokes."

Walking down the street I hear all sorts of anti-Semitic, gay and racist terms on a pretty regular basis. School kids say the n-word. Go hang out with a few college age guys and count how many times they use anti-gay terms.

I guess the media making a big deal of these incidents is setting a good example of how these terms should not be used. But once Nappy Roots change their name, rappers call each other a different name, etc, will it truly happen. If these terms are inappropriate, then no one should use them regardless if they are describing their own culture/religion/sexual orientation like Tim Whatley.

And on another topic - anyone notice that Satan scored on Easter Sunday vs. the Devils? That's 2 years in a row for apocalyptic events!

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