Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wait no More! [Chrissy]

Sorry for the long break in between posts. I guess with the only things going on in Philly being Phillies season and the end of a semester, I don't have too much to comment on.

The first round of NHL playoffs are starting to end...and the Islanders are out. Rangers sailed by (argh!) and the Devils might win or go to a Game 7. And did you hear about Sidney Crosby playing on a broken foot? I remember a certain Flyer who sued under the same circumstances...

Anyway, my thoughts on the Phillies. That website that Mark mentioned is basically how I see the Phillies. I don't expect much from them, so let's celebrate something if we aren't winning! I am not a huge baseball fan. I do go to several games during the Spring and Summer and it is a really great way to spend a relaxing afternoon in the sun. But yeah, I don't expect much so when they lose it isn't really a big deal. The Phillies losing has been going on for quite a while now so it pretty much is second nature.

If this were the Eagles then it would be another story.

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