Monday, April 23, 2007

Yankees Pitching Staff is in Deep Trouble [David Stefanini]

The Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees on the strength of 4 consecutive home runs in the 3rd inning. The final score was 7-6.
This game said a lot more about the Yanks than it did for the Red Sox. If the Yankees do not get some help in their pitching staff they are going to have many problems this season. Last night they had to bring in Andy Pettitte to pitch in relief for the second time this season.
Their pitchers look exhausted when they are out there. They have pitched way to many inning so far this season. If this pace keeps up the pitcher's arms are going to fall off. Scott Proctor, for example, is a middle relief pitcher on the team. He has made appearances in 12 of the 17 games they have played. Last year he lead the A.L in appearance with 83, but he is on pace for 114 this season.
They are going to have to call up a Triple-A pitcher to simply fill in and eat up innings. If the pitchers are already tired and fatigued, what are they going to be like after the All-Star break? Torre needs to find a way to eat up some innings and give his bullpen a well deserved rest. Luckily for the Yanks however, A-Rod is playing like he is on another planet, so giving up a lot of runs doesn't translate to that many losses. If this keeps up, it will translate to a lot of losses.

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