Thursday, May 31, 2007

A-Rod Cheats to Win -- Again [Addison Quale]

Man, A-Rod seems to be winning over friends left and right these days. First, he's caught in a compromising situation with a certain "buxom blond" at a Toronto stripclub--and not at home with his wife and kid. Now, he's playing bush-league baseball resorting to dirty tricks in order to somehow get the hapless Yanks a win. Wednesday's game between the Yanks and Jays was pretty close until the last inning. A critical play took place when a popup to the infield was dropped by third baseman Howie Clark. Clark didn't just drop the ball because he misplayed it though. He backed away at the last second because he thought someone else called for it. It turns out though that it was A-Rod who called for it as he ran behind Clark towards third base. A-Rod, in his usual honesty, claims he simply yelled "Hah!" and not "Mine"--not exactly classy either. We'll let you decide--here's the video footage. And here's his very endearing post-game interview where he's peppered repeatedly about why he did this. He also claimed btw that he was past third base when the ball fell--also not true.

Lest we forget, A-Rod has resorted to incredibly classless and dirty tactics before though hasn't he? I mean, could we ever forget the cowardly slap to Bronson Arroyo's glovehand as he was being tagged running out a grounder in the 2004 ALCS? Of course not. It's funny. It's like as hard as we try to like A-Rod and as great of a player as he is--at least in April--he's really just not very likeable. Why would you even want to root for this guy? This is the guy we're supposed to be rooting against--the classless, cowardly, arrogant, dirty, overpaid, ego-driven punk. As Sox fans, we tend to dislike Jeter the most--but that's mostly sour grapes. Jeter at least has class. Poor Yankees fans must be getting pretty tired of this. Maybe they'll get a break though if A-Rod's season continues to go down the tubes and he skips town at the end of the year.

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